Apache access when running inside mod_neko.

#list get_cookies() Return a cookie list as a (name,value) chained list void set_cookie(name : string, val : string) Set a cookie string get_host_name() Get the local host IP string get_client_ip() Get the connected client IP string get_uri() Get the original URI requested by the client (before any internal redirection) void redirect(string) Redirect the client to another page (Location header) void set_return_code(int) Set the HTTP return code void set_header(name : string, val : string) Set a HTTP header value string? get_client_header(name : string) Get a HTTP header sent by the client string list get_client_headers() Get all the HTTP client headers string get_params_string() Return the whole parameters string string get_post_data() Return the whole unparsed POST string void parse_multipart_data(onpart : function:2, ondata : function:3) Incrementally parse the multipart data. call onpart(name,filename) for each part found and ondata(buf,pos,len) when some data is available #list get_params() parse all GET and POST params and return them into a chained list string cgi_get_cwd() Return current bytecode file working directory void cgi_set_main(function:0?) Set the main entry point function void cgi_flush() Flush the data written so it's immediatly sent to the client object cgi_get_config() Return the current configuration void cgi_set_config(object) Set the current configuration any cgi_command(any) Perform a configuration-specific command :
  • stats : returns the statistics
  • cache : returns the current cache
string get_http_method() Returns the http method (GET,POST...) used by the client void log_message(string) Write the message into the apache log

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